Enjoy Your Next Multi-day Rogue River Rafting Trip

The beautiful aspect about a multi-day Rogue River rafting trip is that you get to float through roughly 40 miles of Wild and Scenic rivers. The stretch you get to enjoy feature more than 20 Class II to Class IV rapids over a period of three to four days. Look here if you’re looking to go rafting Rogue River.

Most of the time you will be spent floating on a raft, or if you choose to go solo, you will be on a kayak. The best part is when you stop for a riverside lunch, visit various historical sites, and participate in side creek swim holes,

You must remember that you won’t have any access to outside communication via cell phones or any other way. The whole point of the trip is to get away from it all so you may reconnect with those closest to you.

3-Day Rafting and Camping Trip on the Rogue River

You too can have loads of fun in the sun when away on a family-friendly rafting trip that consists of a 3-day floating adventure and 2-night camping. This is necessary when you participate in a 40-mile long rafting trip of the Rogue River.

Nothing is sweeter than spending your holiday floating on a raft or kayak and enjoying an evening or two at the comfortable riverside camps. Every day you will have an opportunity to visit historic sites and experience side creeks where you can swim and enjoy your time together.

4-Day Rafting and Camp/Lodge Trip

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can enjoy a lovely rafting trip that is combined with a 2-night camping experience, followed by an opportunity to stay over at a lodge?

What’s it like to camp on the Rogue River? For one, you get to enjoy the river flowing continuously while you can stargaze and view all kinds of wildlife. There is simply no better way to soak up the solitude presented by this remote wilderness canyon. Your skilled river guides will set up a fully fledged kitchen to prepare delicious meals while you can just relax and enjoy your evening out on the river banks.

After just two nights of camping, you will soon arrive at one of the nearby lodges that feature newly remodeled apartments, the opportunity to chill under a hot shower, experience a fully equipped bar, and enjoy some hearty, gourmet meals.

During downtime, you get to spend time hiking one of the nearby mountain peaks or picking fruit from an orchard. Then there is also the chance to relax on the riverbank and overlook while the moon is reflecting its glory over the Rogue River.

There are no roads in or out, so any supplies are carried via a jet boat. Powerful generators would provide the electricity, and water would be collected as well as purified from a creek nearby.

What more can we say aside from the fact that making use of a multi-day river rafting package like this is a wonderful way to spend your time away from home. River guides at outfitters like Orange Torpedo Trips are proud to present you with a memorable and unique rafting experience on the incredible Rogue River.

When is the Best Time to Raft the Rogue River?

That sure is a great question! Orange Torpedo happily offers a large array of amazing Rogue River rafting trips on schedule during most seasons. However, it would also depend on what you are planning on doing. Maybe you wish to hike, fish, or raft at different times of the year.

Let’s just say that you can engage in half-day, full day, and multi-day trips from May to October every year.

Some facts to consider when you choose to engage in rafting activities would be as follow:

  • The months of May and September present one with a larger than normal percentage of rainfall as well as cooler temperatures. However, when school is in session, you get to have the river all to yourself.
  • During June you will experience a change in season, which is usually best for enjoying sunnier days that are not too hot.
  • July and August are drier months as the average temperature would be in the region of around 90-degrees. The combination of cool refreshing water temperatures and sunny days create the perfect Rogue River trips. The nights on the River are cool to enjoy, so you need to ensure you bring along some warmer clothes to accommodate overnight stays.